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We are looking forward to seeing you in our class and on the dance floor.

Works, instruction and performance examples

Yusuke Toyama

Yusuke has a clear passion for all things Jazz and is a Jazz drummer and most recently has become quite an accomplished dancer. He has learnt Lindy Hop from Top Dancers like Thomas Blacharz & Alice Mei and uses his knowledge of Jazz music and rhythm to create his own unique and fun style on the dance floor.
Representative Instructor of Tokyo Lindy Hop Academy


Chieri has studied numerous partner dances including Swing, Argentine Tango, American Style Ballroom, Hussle, Theater Arts, and Jazz.

Chieri always looks for new ways to dance more effortlessly. Her advice to students: “Don’t think too much about it! Just go for it! As you progress, you’ll learn how to make it work for you.”

“Dance Party Time”, Belforet Salsa Libre, Chacott Dance Night, Tokyu Dentetsu Event, Bridal Fair, Yokohama Pan-Pacific Hotel Show, Guest Appearance at the Philippines Embassy, and others
TV Appearances:
“Mecha-Mecha Ikiteru” and others
Aerial Workshop - Assistant Instructor, others
National Jitterbug Championship, Showcase Division

North East Lindy Hop Championships: 2nd Place, Intermediate Jack and Jill