How can we make our wedding dance memorable?

You must worry about songs, when or your dance skills during the busiest time.
That’s why we are here!!
We can relive those anxieties and help to make your wedding dance memorable!


What we can provide are:

  • Making choreography for first-dance and last-dance.
  • Teaching technic and tips for social dance.
  • How to do Dip and lifts and more.



Q: How many lessons should we take to complete choreography.
A: It depends on your dance experience, difficulty of choreography you want and how many days left to the big day.
Generally, it takes 5-10 times lessons as a lesson is 2 hours.
We recommend you start 3-6 months in advance because it is going to be hectic before the wedding.

Q: What kind of song we should choose?
A: It’s totally up to you. For Lindy hop, Swing Jazz is, of course, recommended but pop music is also good.
Note: the fast tempo of the song, it would become difficult.

Q: Are there any preparations required for a wedding dance lesson?
A:① We will ask the following questions on our first reply.

  • Schedule (Please tell us the departure date for overseas weddings)
  • Venue (indoor or outdoor, dance space, floor, table layout, bride and groom’s costumes and shoes)
  • Song (Please feel free to contact us if you have no idea)
  • Desired choreograph image (send some clip such as Youtube link for easy understanding)

② For lesson day

  • We recommend flat shoes, sneakers.
  • Please, bring clothes are comfortable to move and some drink.

Choreographer and Director: Chieri

Chieri has been promoting wedding dance in Japan at JSDC (Japan Social Dance Club )since 2004. She performed wedding dance demonstrations in the various shape of dresses through that activity.
Therefore she understands the difficulty of dancing with the wedding outfit and how to solve it.
In the dancing bus, she choreographs and directs the wedding dance based on that experience and knowledge.

Feel free to contact us and tell us your wish!!
We can find the best way and make your wedding dance memorable