New Coronavirus Measures

New Coronavirus Measures

If you are planning to attend our lessons or party, please check below.

・ Please refrain from participation if you do not feel well.

・ If you have a flu mask, please wear it. 

・ Please, cover your nose and mouth with a flu mask, handkerchief, 

    tissue paper or your jacket when sneezing or coughing.

・ Please keep clean your hands and mouth by washing or wiping 

    by soap, alcohol disinfectant, etc.

・ We will bring alcohol disinfectant and wet tissue at the lessons 

    and party, however, it is not enough to obtain those goods for everyone due to high demand, please bring your own.

・ Don’t leave your snacks on the table during the event. 

・ If your immunity is weak, you will be more susceptible to coronavirus

    (and other viruses as well).

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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