Our events are very friendly and welcoming.
We are looking forward to seeing you on the dance floor.
No reservation is required. Open for everyone.

Up comming event

Regular Event
  • Goody Swing : TBD
  • Swing OWL  : June -23-2024
  • Cheerful Swing : March-17-2024

Other event


Goody Swing


A popular swing dance event among the swing dance community.
Our fantastic DJ deliver danceable standard jazz and swing tunes to you.
We also provide a beginner-friendly mini-lesson before the event so that you can enjoy Lindy Hop even you don’t know how to do.


Door Open
Party Time


雑司ヶ谷公園 -丘の上のテラス-(Zoshigaya Park -Oka no ue no Terrace-)
12-1,Zoshigaya2chome, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

《↓↓ Please be sure to check the following notes before participating 》

Please bring your indoor shoes.
Shoes with heels must have heel covers.
Powder or anti-slip materials applied to shoes are also prohibited.
Do not leave the dance room in your shoes or dance shoes.Please be sure to change into outer shoes.
・ During the event, we will stop the music to ventilate the venue several times.
・ You can bring your drinks, but don’t use a cup with no lid like a paper cup. (Please use a PET bottle, can, bottle, or water bottle)
・ Please be sure to take your trash home with you.
・ Smoking is prohibited inside the building, so please smoke outside the building.
・ The parking lot at the venue is not available, so please use public transportation or use the nearby toll parking lot.
・ No smoking within the hall.
・ Please Take Your Rubbish Home.
・ There is no parking in each venue. Please use public transportation if you can or use other parking facilities in the area.

Let’s enjoy dancing while trying to prevent infection!

Swing OWL

Live Party

Date : June 23rd(Sun)2024 7:00-9:20pm

2500 yen + Tipping

Next Swing OWL
Sep. ‐8th 2024 7:00-9:20pm

Toshima Civic Center 6F Small Hall
20-10,Higashi-Ikebukuro1Chome,Toshima-ku, Tokyo

Please bring dance shoes or indoor shoes.
Shoes with heels must have heel covers. Powder or anti-slip materials applied to shoes are also prohibited.
– Changing rooms and make-up rooms are located on the 2nd floor (women) and 3rd floor (men and women).
– Please refrain from drinking anything other than rehydration drinks inside the building.
– Smoking is not permitted in the building, on the grounds, or around the perimeter.
– There is no parking lot at the venue. Please use public transportation or a toll parking lot.
– The air in the venue will be changed every 10 minutes, so no ventilation time will be taken.

Cheerful Swing×Swingin’ Jazz Factory


You can enjoy dancing and drink!
It’s a club-style dance event!

What events? (Details)

March 17th(Sun) 2024
Door Open 18:30
Beginners Lesson 18:30-19:00
Party 19:00-22:00

Live: Swingin’Jazz Factory
Yoshihiko Miyazaki(Cl) Yuta Kazi(G) Furuto Koshino(B)

2,000yen/w 1 Drink+ Tipping

Next Cheerful Swing: Cheerful Swing-TBJ edition vol.2-
April 13th(Sat) 19:30-22:30
Blues dance party.
2,000yen/w 1 Drink

Venue Bar TRIO

Yazaki building B1F 5-9-6 Nishi-Gotanda Shinagawa-ku Tokyo

Near by : Fudomae(Tokyu Meguro Line) 3 minutes

バー トリオ
東京都品川区西五反田5-9-6 矢崎ビルB1F

No smoking in the venue
There is no parking lot at the venue
It’s not acceptable to bring any drinks and foods in the venue